Monday, November 25, 2013

Tea Party, Hats and Sweets. This is not a dream.

A heart felt thank you to everyone who came out and supported Two Back Flats' very first, but certainly not last, pop up market. What a huge success and beautiful time with all of you!

Wanna know the only thing better than little hats and hair fascinators? My mom's baking. Seriously. If you were there...You know whats up. We were all spoiled to the max with a sampling of 
Jenny's breads and cookies. 

Gosh, don't we wish all shopping experiences were like this?

Some seriously girly vintage treasures. Clutches, Head Scarves, Lavender satchets. Oh my! We are definitely doing this again. 

Thank you again for the support, happy energy and love everyone brought with them! Until the next market - see you in the online shop and on the ol' facebook.

Remember to shop local this holiday season!! Its, clearly, so much more fun. Happy Thanksgiving guys!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Custom Wedding Birdcage Veil Fascinator

I know. Its all so pretty you wanna eat it.  Lisa's wedding color palette was pretty much one of my personal faves in red, pink and ivory. She wanted a birdcage veil / fascinator that was bold but still just an accent to her ensemble. I created this piece using 9 different fabrics, 3 vintage pins and and partridge in a pear tree.

Give me that ice cream! .. And as always for your own custom headpieces message me via my Etsy shop or Facebook.

Thank you and congrats to Lisa and hubby!! Also please check out the extremely talented Sandy Tam Photography. Lots and lots of pretty.

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