Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Mini Hats and Fascinators

From shoes to nails, red has always been my personal favorite accessorizing color.  Its no wonder I use so much of it for my hats. The hatties below are all in stock and RED - y ;) to ship for Valentines Day.

Queen of Hearts hat in red and fuchsia raw silks. I painted these roses red myself. OoooOooo

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Oversized red dupioni silk flower headpiece. This vintage brooch is to die. Click any of the photos for their listings. 

Classic plaid vintage corduroy top hat. Love this so much. 
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p.s. with Free Shipping right now..this little fascinator and the red glitter heart top hat below are practically robbery.


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Annd of course we won't leave out some of Two Back Flats classics. 
Any of these can be custom made to order:

Victorian Carnival Mini Top Hat

Peppermint Pretty - Red and White Pin Stripe 

 Chevron cocktail hat
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If you're obsessed with anything red and retro like yours truly. Come follow the Pinterest board!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Large Couture Red Flower Headband

...and a post about cigarettes.

If you know me personally chances are that you know me with a cigarette. One unabashed cigarette and yours truly. The worst kind of smoker really. The kind that thinks you're missing out. The sound of burning paper and the feeling of complete calm. One second of glorious satisfaction. So, naturally,  I did that as much as possible. (also because of my complete physical and mental addiction.)

I made myself one promise throughout my smoking career and that was that I wouldn't smoke in my wedding dress. How tragic, right? Wrong. Broke the promise. Got this shot. And really I should have quit as soon as I had this hanging on my wall...since smoking had never or would never look as cool again.

photography by SOTA Dzine

It has been sixteen days without a cigarette. The longest I have ever not smoked in thirteen years. Not a patch. Not a piece of gum. Not one puff. It went a little something like this:

11pm - Driving in car. One cigarette left. Dont feel like stopping at gas station.
11:06pm - Dont stop at gas station
11:06 - 11:19pm - Internal monologue about whether or not I should smoke the last cig now or the next day.  (now that is an effing tragedy)
11: 20pm - Realizing I don't want to think about smoking ever again.
The end.

Everyone knows cigarettes are bad for you. Bla bla. But in my blissful ignorance and in my fleeting seconds of gratification, I didnt have to think about it. It isnt until now that I realize how diabolical and truly wicked manufactured cigarettes are. I have spent the last sixteen days doing nothing but thinking about them. Think about the unhealthiest relationship of your life. Multiply that by a hundred. Fits of rage, nonsensical bursts of tears, my body still doesnt know whether to go run in a field or lay down and die. Not to mention a whooollle lotta this face:

photography by: Leah Miller  .  makeup by: Maureen Flynn

So kids, the moral of the story is: Don't buy cigarettes. Unfortunately, smoking stopped being cool when Audrey Hepburn started smoking her third pack a day. Your Aunt Jas tried to bring it back for you..but meh. I'll bring hats back instead.

Speaking of which, click on any of the photos for the listing of the red headpiece. I promise I wont buy cigs with my hat money anymo'! <3>

Love and deep breathing, 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Mini Top Hat with Birdcage Veil

I felt like making a hat that was sexy and dramatic but subtle enough to be versatile. Computer screens do not do this shade of purple any justice. It has grey hues like wisteria. 

Gaspppp* The Jill Andrews Gowns studio
Honestly, photos dont do this shit justice either. Mantels and sunlight and soaring ceilings, couture and lace and feathers. And of course Jill, herself!  Ugh. Never ever want to leave.

I swear we didnt even plan my hat and Jill's stunning purple gown. Welcome to my world people. The gown is actually from The brand spankin new Jill Andrews Studio Line. Get fricken excited. Click the photo for more info.

The materials from this hat came from a nice little hoard per usual. The "ombre" peony. Ha. Back in school we use to call that monochromatic. But whatevs. I'll be hip. Grey goose feathers and grey French netting almost became a hundred different things before they found their home on this gal. 

Meow. Magic face: Erica Von Lindberg of A Second Glance Salon. 
Makeup by the gorgeous, wonderful Maureen Flynn of Tom Ford. "I want to make her lips look like she was sucking on a lollipop." Umm ok. Yes. Do THAT. 

Photography by the one, the only, Leah Miller. 

If you like this look and this crew... you must go into the past and check out our Day of The Dead photo shoot. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wedding Top Hat and Detachable Hair Clip

Versatility at its finest!! I did a detachable hair clip once before a long time ago but I was so stoked to do it again for this gorgeous, brilliant bride! 

An ivory damask mini top hat with ivory satin ribbon and bow.

The lovely bride wanted deep red flowers that she could wear on her hat or separately in her hair for the wedding day...or any other day!!! I chose to hand make the red flowers with shades of red silks and satins. May make this red clip available in my shop! It is even more stunning in person.


And all together now!!!! Oh the beauty. Oh the drama!!! This hat actually also has a detachable birdcage veil that I cannot believe I forgot to photograph. So its really FOUR in one! 
Can't stop. Wont stop.

Three in One Mini Top Hat and Hair Clip by REQUEST ONLY!!! 
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Cheers to a fabulous day darlings!!! 
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