Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Costume Bridal Mini Top Hat Birdcage Veil

Mini top hat handmade from scratch using a white silk dupioni. Tied with an ivory satin bow and simply embellished with a vintage pin.

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 Chenille dot veil makes this hat perfect for vamps, vixens, awesome brides, lovers of dress up, tea party goers and throwers, ghosts, burlesque queens, modern Maries or anyone who is generally cool.

I have 67 billion fabrics so if you would like a custom color message me here:

or here:

Photography : Leah Miller
Beauty and Sugar Skull makeup : Maureen Flynn - MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Erica Von Lindenberg - A Second Glance Salon 
Models : Alicia Ouderkirk 
Headpiece : Two Back Flats 

Xs &Os 

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  1. I LOVE THIS HAT. How does on go about ordering this?


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