Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pirate Wedding Tricorn Hat

I have been dying to make more mini tricorn hats, so I am so glad Lindsey came along with her Pirate themed wedding that is going be during the Portland Pirate Festival. How awesome is that?!

I like every one of my hats to have a little story and this one is chock full of goodness. It was handmade from scratch using an upcycled cream and ivory striped fabric that used to be my mom's stunning drapes.

Vintage button collected from a thrift in Delaware.

All the lace trims are vintage and steamed. They were found at a fabulous flea market in Vermont. They have seen the freshest of air and the breathtaking Berkshire mountains. What a trip.

And where would any of us be without a fluffy natural white ostrich plume?

I love this hat so much, it is officially listed in my Etsy Shop. Click THIS for the listing.
Congrats to you Lindsey!
Happy day friends.

Eeeek! Well, I had to try it on once!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hot Pink and Black Mad Hatter Wedding

Oooo la la. Is there anything more classic AND more modern than a hot pink and black New Orleans Mad Hatter wedding? I think not.

I can't wait to see photos of this bridal party decked out in there matching Mad Hatter hats.

Handmade from scratch using black and hot pink satins. Hand crafted 10/6 tags and embellished with rhinestone trim.

Our gorgeous bride will be wearing a white mini top hat with thick black ribbon and detachable birdcage veil.

And of course two little wee reverse hot pink hats for the flower girls. This is going to be an awesome wedding.

As always, for your own custom Mad Hatter Wedding hats, message me

Happy Monday cheris!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pin Up inspired Cupcake Hat

Yowsa! I was immediately excited when Mel sent me a photo of her adorable Pin Up dress in yellow and black! Perhaps it was happenstance that I had the identical yellow and white pin stripe seersucker fabric to match her dress. That, or some of my customers are my actual soul mates. Yea, let's go with that!

Mel needed a hat for a purse party she is catering with her delicious sounding desserts. Raspberry trifle, cupcakes, oh my! We immediately had a custom black and red cupcake pin made my Phoebe at Happy Creations. Yea. I know. Look at it!

I got the fun fun fun opportunity to meet M yesterday when she came to pick up her hat and we both did a collective happy dance!! Then spent 45 minutes talking over each other about purses and hats and pretty little things!

My husband makes fun of me for hoarding everything, but my theory is - everything will find its perfect place. Just like these raspberries. I have had them for so long and have contemplated using them on so many things from gift packaging to hair accessories. It was obviously waiting for Mel and her love of pin up. Don't they just make you taste that cupcake?!

Thank you so much Mel for allowing me to make your head piece for your exciting evening! Best of luck. Buy lots o' bags! You are fabulous!

Happy Wednesday friends!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garden Party Top Hat - Ob La Di

Hello loves! Remember this sunny, bright, colorful top hat? Yea - me too. I won't sell it ;) Well with so much interest and a dwindling supply of foam flowers, I have created a twin for her for sale in my Etsy shop.

This version is a little more dressed up using red, yellow, hot pink and purple silk flowers. Instead of the yellow bandana, The Ob La Di is sporting a navy blue satin sash and bow. Making this hat perfect for any tea party, garden party, or Alice inspired frolic.

The contrast of the pop of colors with the classic navy blue stripe makes me want to be on a boat. A really really fun boat.

Click THIS for the listing on Etsy

"I cannot pretend to be impartial about colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely
sorry for the poor browns." - Winston Churchill

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Bringin' you some sunshine on this rainy day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mother Daughter Tea Party Hats

Back by popular demand! A new pair of matching tiny top hats for moms and their girls or girls and their dolls. Our last set of tea party hats have been retired for a few months, but I have to confess - I am loving this new design more than anything.

I picked up this pink and white Laura Ashley fabric in "English Country Rose" at my favorite little beach fabric shop on the Eastern Shore. When I saw that is was stain resistant, I knew it was perfect for the new children's set.

I wanted to keep with the classic "shabby chic" feel of the print. The oversized bow is made with a pale, blush pink satin. The vintage ivory lace trim and brown leather buttons were both picked up at a Vermont flea market. (Along with a pink tambourine and rickety fiddle)

For all you mom's, aunts and serious gift givers - I cannot think of anything more perfect or more unique for a baby shower or girl's birthday party gift.

Click THIS to purchase

Most of my designs can be replicated as a set - so never fear asking for whatever floats your boat!

Happy Tea Time you dainty little ladies!
X's & O's

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