Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pin Up inspired Cupcake Hat

Yowsa! I was immediately excited when Mel sent me a photo of her adorable Pin Up dress in yellow and black! Perhaps it was happenstance that I had the identical yellow and white pin stripe seersucker fabric to match her dress. That, or some of my customers are my actual soul mates. Yea, let's go with that!

Mel needed a hat for a purse party she is catering with her delicious sounding desserts. Raspberry trifle, cupcakes, oh my! We immediately had a custom black and red cupcake pin made my Phoebe at Happy Creations. Yea. I know. Look at it!

I got the fun fun fun opportunity to meet M yesterday when she came to pick up her hat and we both did a collective happy dance!! Then spent 45 minutes talking over each other about purses and hats and pretty little things!

My husband makes fun of me for hoarding everything, but my theory is - everything will find its perfect place. Just like these raspberries. I have had them for so long and have contemplated using them on so many things from gift packaging to hair accessories. It was obviously waiting for Mel and her love of pin up. Don't they just make you taste that cupcake?!

Thank you so much Mel for allowing me to make your head piece for your exciting evening! Best of luck. Buy lots o' bags! You are fabulous!

Happy Wednesday friends!!!!

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