Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pirate Wedding Tricorn Hat

I have been dying to make more mini tricorn hats, so I am so glad Lindsey came along with her Pirate themed wedding that is going be during the Portland Pirate Festival. How awesome is that?!

I like every one of my hats to have a little story and this one is chock full of goodness. It was handmade from scratch using an upcycled cream and ivory striped fabric that used to be my mom's stunning drapes.

Vintage button collected from a thrift in Delaware.

All the lace trims are vintage and steamed. They were found at a fabulous flea market in Vermont. They have seen the freshest of air and the breathtaking Berkshire mountains. What a trip.

And where would any of us be without a fluffy natural white ostrich plume?

I love this hat so much, it is officially listed in my Etsy Shop. Click THIS for the listing.
Congrats to you Lindsey!
Happy day friends.

Eeeek! Well, I had to try it on once!

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  1. So beautiful! I may just have to make my way down to the pirate festival to see if I can spot this wedding! How much fun!!!


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