Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Woodland Wonderland

I am so inspired by this woodsy, Autumn color palette for an Alice in Wonderland wedding.

Burnt Orange, Purple Plum, Coffee/Toffee, Antique Gold & Cream
(and some lace to top it off)

Remember this vintage cameo earring?? Perfect fit. There is one of the pair left!

Burnt orange, gold and ivory flower girl hats. De-light-ful.

So Victorian and romantic....sigh*

Dreaming of Fall (shh)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Colorful Bridal Tea Hats of the Mini kind...

Hot Pink, turquoise, lime green, purple, yellow - OH MY!!! Really, there is nothing I can say about these bright, tiny top hats except - I've always wanted to live in a candy shop and for a couple weeks - I DID!

Bye bye - Foam Flowers. These went FAST and I wont lie, I am sort of sad about it.

As always, for your own custom bridal, birthday, tea, garden or just for fun party hats - message me with details in my Etsy Shop!

Happy happy Monday loves!

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