Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 Helloooooooooooo darlings!!!! Giveaway time = the best time!!! I invite you all to play along, get creative, get social and all that jazz. I'm switching it up from the last couple times so pay attention and be your fabulous selves.


- Create up to 5 Pinterest boards per person of any theme your heart desires
- Each board must have at least 15 pins
- The agenda is to incorporate as many Two Back Flats pieces on to each board / theme / collection.
- Two Back Flats pins must be pinned directly from here on my blog, my Pinterest page, or my Etsy shop. - Dig deep. There are hats even I forgot about. Its like Christmas
- Share the links to your boards. Share everywhere! With your friends, here on the blog and on my Facebook page.


Will be chosen by based on:

- Originality / Awesomeness of theme
- Repins
- Content
- Two Back Flats love

THE BEST PART: You will win one of the hats you have pinned !!! Thats right. You and I BOTH get to choose your prize!!!! The options are utterly endless! Hoooray!!!


THEME: can be anything! A color, a party idea, fashion, a season - anything! Here are two examples of my boards that may inspire you! I* am mostly inspired by color! How about you? A movie, a book, a song, a dream you had? ;) Things are about to get Pinteresting peeps!!!!!! 

click on photo to see board

click on photo to see board

LABELING : Make sure to label your pins with exactly what they are so people can find them!  Example: Red Top Hat, Womens Fascinators, Two Back Flats, Cotton Candy, Pink Hair,  etc etc. Im pretty sure this #hashtag thing works as well.

BE YOURSELF: I want to get to know you and your style.


Cut off date will be announced soon!!!

Be sure to LIKE on Facebook and share your ideas / boards / or just say hi there!! 




Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keystone Wounded Warriors Benefit Runway Show

Since I began Two Back Flats, the notion that you get what you give has been in the forefront of my mind. Of course I would contribute to the truly wonderful cause that is the Wounded Warrior Project
AND have my first runway show in the process!!

Red, white and blue hats all lined up in the studio ready for a head count and fashion showwww!!
 If you know know what makes me happy ... and that is rolling hills and barns! Historic Shady Lane embraced the very heart of me the second we pulled on site!!

As I told my gorgeous assistant for the day, Karineh, if someone asked me about what I would do on a perfect day...I would say - hmmm walk up a rustic path on a beautiful 74 degree spring day and dress up a bunch of models for a runway show. Dream within a dream!!


 Designers tent! Good God I love a backstage buzz.

The Keystone Wounded Warriors raised over SIX THOUSAND dollars on Saturday night!! I could cry I am so excited to have had a little part in that exciting number!!! 


Thank you so much to Janelle at Historic Shady Lane for hosting such a beautiful day and for thinking of me :)), Nikke from Nikkay Fashions for organizing so perfectly such an honorable and important event! And CHEERS to all the awesome designers we met!!! 
Y'all made the day so much fun!!! 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Custom Pinwheels

I love pinwheels. Sue me. I like putting them on my hats, I like putting them in my flower arrangements and on my lampshades and in your Easter baskets and your hair and your birthday presents, your kids and your dogs. But this headband! Oh this delicious red, white and blue headband takes my pinwheel shaped cake!! The retro carnival, state fair lover in me wants to wear this always.

So much so that I slapped a birdcage on it backstage in 3.5 seconds and it was my runway show finale piece for the Wounded Warriors Benefit!

All of the pinwheels are mismatched in vintage red, white and blue prints from stripes to houndstooth to eyelet! #classic

A few of my fave Two Back Flats pinwheel moments from the very first pink ones I used for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum hats!! Carnival weddings! Fourth of July Parade top hats! They just work for every. little. thing. Fricken delightful!

 My studio cork board :)
Photo from my Quit Your Day Job Etsy feature! courtesy of Vanity's Edge Design.

As always for your own custom hat, fascinator or headpiece contact me via Etsy or Facebook!

Or Pinterest or Instagram ;) 

Good grief.
x's & o's 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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