Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring 2011 by Two Back Flats

Hello you colorful, gorgeous people! Consider this your official sneak peek into whats happening here for Spring!

Every time I make a new hat, I think it is my favorite of all time! Who knows what will happen next, but this tiny top hat is the apple of my eye. Created from scratch using up-cycled navy blue and white striped fabric. My husband's very own yellow bandanna (don't worry, washed and pressed first ;) Stunningly bright and colorful foam and paper flowers with hints of vintage lace. Making this hat 65% recycled!!!

Picnics and garden parties anyone?!

Wishing you a bright, sunny weekend!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mini Top Hat - The Bijou

All that glitters is quite obviously gold.

The ever delightful Tonya of Tonya Joy Photography held a carnival inspired photography workshop in sunny California last week. Tonya's vision was my personal circus dream. Among the pages of completely glittered fantasy inspiration, she included this:

Well, we all know how much I truly adore the carnival and working with glitter. I immediately knew I wanted to make the Bijou. A sleek, elegant, whimsical and delicate hat that is completely couture. But first! I had to get the ribbons and lollipops out of my system. Here is just a peek of other top hats inspired by Tonya.

(Jasika fact: I am a hoarder. I have had these colorful pastel ribbons since 2007 when Petite Four Couture was born. They were included on the very first PFC gift box. I may keep this hat for myself... See? Hoarder.)

I don't blame Tonya one bit for choosing The Bijou for the photo shoot. It looks right at home.

You must swing by to Tonya's blog for more breathtaking carnival photos from the day.

click on image for listing

Have a delightful Sunday mon cheris!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Back Flats at home: Love Fest 2011

Hello all you lovers! I completely confess to drinking mimosas and eating cream puffs for breakfast this morning. As some of you know, I moved my home and studio within the last few months all the while keeping up with you rock stars. Valentines Day was our official kick off and there was no better way than to celebrate love with a little house unveiling and stylish get together.

Two Back Flats is coming up on one year next month and there is nothing more rewarding than sharing your successes with good food, good champagne and great friends. Here is a little piece of my heaven to you!

In my next life, I will come back as an interior designer. Fingers crossed*

The best thing about hosting a Valentines day party is that the next morning...

...Things are still so lovely.

One Love,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I make tiny things

To all my fabulously amazing followers: I'd like to take a minute to introduce Petite Four Couture.

PFC has been my baby and I can not believe we are celebrating its FOURTH BIRTHDAY this month!

After tons of hard work, our website is LIVE! If you love tiny hats, I can promise you that you will love these tiny cakes.

Just like Two Back Flats, every single confection made by Petite Four Couture is completely hand crafted from scratch with the utmost amount of care and attention to detail.

Please take a minute to browse through our site, watch a little video and read our story. Sure to leave you drooling. Then hop on over to our Facebook page and watch for some exciting delicious happenings!

You just may need some tiny cakes to go with that tiny hat!

All my love,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mini Top Hats for Tea Party Goers

I had to share one of the custom mini top hats I shipped this week. When I ask people what their inspiration is, I love seeing photos of lavish tea parties and bouquets of peonies. But one special lady simply responded "Thunderstorms. Blue and Yellow". What a smashing concept. The outcome was a delight. I love this hat so much, I had trouble shipping it!

Created from scratch using my favorite* blue/gray dupioni silk. I tried to convey the rolling of thunder with the dramatic cascade of pale yellows. Bolts of striking yellow flowers and pops of dusty blue buds. The droopy yellow and blue stems in the back are breathlessly romantic. There are subtle rhinestones and pearls hidden within for even more depth.

Once the photos were taken, it reminded me so much of "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch. A little dark and a lot of fantasy.

I am thrilled to say this is now for sale in my shop for tea party goers, throwers, lovers of gardens, thunderstorms or anything delightful!

click on image for listing:

I have to thank my customers once again for for inspiring me every single day!
One Love,
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