Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two Back Flats at home: Love Fest 2011

Hello all you lovers! I completely confess to drinking mimosas and eating cream puffs for breakfast this morning. As some of you know, I moved my home and studio within the last few months all the while keeping up with you rock stars. Valentines Day was our official kick off and there was no better way than to celebrate love with a little house unveiling and stylish get together.

Two Back Flats is coming up on one year next month and there is nothing more rewarding than sharing your successes with good food, good champagne and great friends. Here is a little piece of my heaven to you!

In my next life, I will come back as an interior designer. Fingers crossed*

The best thing about hosting a Valentines day party is that the next morning...

...Things are still so lovely.

One Love,

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