Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Victorian Tea Party Mini Top Hat

Try as hard as you possibly can to contain your jealousy: The lady I made this hat for gives pony rides for a living. And they're not just ponies. They're rainbow haired ponies. 
You know how I feel about rainbow hair.


Magical things happen to magical people. Just as I was completing her headpiece, I found this vintage horse cameo locket to complete it. Seriously. In that color blue.

This was a custom order to match a pink and blue floral Victorian tea party outfit Angela made for herself. If you love anything girly and would flip! I hope we'll see pics of the whole ensemble together! Cough. Cough.


Thank you universe for continuously sending me the world's coolest customers and best vintage pins.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paper Flower Wedding Mini Top Hat

I get this message on Etsy and Im dying to make this hat immediately:  "I'm a librarian and my fiance is a computer programmer, so the flowers are made out of recycled books, printed pages from my novel and printed pages from his code." 'Send them to me' I say. 'We must. must. include them on your hat.' Then the flowers come in the mail and I die all over again and happily. 

Then this happened:

Ivory on ivory damask mini top hat with champagne satin oversized bow and netting details.
Detachable birdcage veil not pictured. 


Can't really tell you how much fun I had making this hat and piecing these flowers together. They are tiny works of art and so thoughtful for their wedding. I'm sorta sad its over. Like a good book...dare I say? ;) ha.

Best wishes to Kim!! Send me more of your whimsical watercolor flowers and I'll get you a puppy.


p.s. you may also like Amy's button hat!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Terrariums Make Tribe Baltimore


A terrarium workshop with a few of my favorite local vendors? Uh. Im in. Obv. What can I say? Readyluck and Local Color Flowers - you guys rock my world. Thank you for a beautiful, creative evening.  

 The gorgeous Carling of Local Color Flowers dropping her succulent knowledge on us.

my perfectionist partner in crime Karineh:

what? I'm messy when I work. ( I actually did a walk around just to verify that I made the biggest mess. I was correct)

Really excited to have been a part of the very first Make Tribe! Follow these wonderful, talented people for more seasonal workshops!!!

p.s.  In case you missed the other bad ass Terrarium Day I had the joy of living ...follow this link:

p.p.s Check out Readyluck, Locoflo and Two Back Flats in action here:

love. love. love.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whimsical Wedding Style in Black and White

Oh, boy girl...

Things we know about me:
1. I love black
2. I love white
3. I love black and white together above all things.

This b&w theme with pops of golds and pale pinks is a little magical and pretty sexy if you ask me.  Plus, Historic Mankin Mansion has such an Alice in Wonderland vibe with its English gardens. Just imagine my delight when these photos sauntered into my inbox. We are one IYQ Photography. Thank you!

 More facts about me:
4. I hate icing
5. This is my perfect cake

Flowers and Cake by  Sweets and Soirees 

 umm give me this gold glassware immediately.

 Oh hey girl, you look good in my top hat. Click on photo for listing.
this is so sweet. I am mad for details. 

 I love these whimsical pink ranunculus with these stripe invites. So classic and fresh. Le sigh*   
Invitations by


 Stop it. Just stop it with these stunning women.



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have a happy day

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