Friday, July 12, 2013

Terrariums Make Tribe Baltimore


A terrarium workshop with a few of my favorite local vendors? Uh. Im in. Obv. What can I say? Readyluck and Local Color Flowers - you guys rock my world. Thank you for a beautiful, creative evening.  

 The gorgeous Carling of Local Color Flowers dropping her succulent knowledge on us.

my perfectionist partner in crime Karineh:

what? I'm messy when I work. ( I actually did a walk around just to verify that I made the biggest mess. I was correct)

Really excited to have been a part of the very first Make Tribe! Follow these wonderful, talented people for more seasonal workshops!!!

p.s.  In case you missed the other bad ass Terrarium Day I had the joy of living ...follow this link:

p.p.s Check out Readyluck, Locoflo and Two Back Flats in action here:

love. love. love.

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