Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Victorian Tea Party Mini Top Hat

Try as hard as you possibly can to contain your jealousy: The lady I made this hat for gives pony rides for a living. And they're not just ponies. They're rainbow haired ponies. 
You know how I feel about rainbow hair.


Magical things happen to magical people. Just as I was completing her headpiece, I found this vintage horse cameo locket to complete it. Seriously. In that color blue.

This was a custom order to match a pink and blue floral Victorian tea party outfit Angela made for herself. If you love anything girly and would flip! I hope we'll see pics of the whole ensemble together! Cough. Cough.


Thank you universe for continuously sending me the world's coolest customers and best vintage pins.

As always for your own custom hat or headpiece message me via Etsy or Facebook


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