Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paper Flower Wedding Mini Top Hat

I get this message on Etsy and Im dying to make this hat immediately:  "I'm a librarian and my fiance is a computer programmer, so the flowers are made out of recycled books, printed pages from my novel and printed pages from his code." 'Send them to me' I say. 'We must. must. include them on your hat.' Then the flowers come in the mail and I die all over again and happily. 

Then this happened:

Ivory on ivory damask mini top hat with champagne satin oversized bow and netting details.
Detachable birdcage veil not pictured. 


Can't really tell you how much fun I had making this hat and piecing these flowers together. They are tiny works of art and so thoughtful for their wedding. I'm sorta sad its over. Like a good book...dare I say? ;) ha.

Best wishes to Kim!! Send me more of your whimsical watercolor flowers and I'll get you a puppy.


p.s. you may also like Amy's button hat!

As always for you own custom hat or headpiece message me via Etsy or Facebook

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