Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bridal Carnival Mad Hatter Top Hat

Weddings. I love em all. Brides. Love them too. They're all wacked out on pretty things 24-7. I can relate. But once in a while a a bride comes along that blows even my mind away. 

 Firstly, when a bride says she's making her own wedding dress I, basically, buckle my seatbelt. This girl is cool. She's cooler than me. L created a dress somewhere between these two dresses. Lace sleeves, full skirt, le sigh*

Then comes a pinteresting message chock full of vintage carnival / circus inspiration! I die! Bowls of carnival tickets, photo booths, chalkboards! 

Oh and btw she says! These are the SPIKED HEELS I'll be wearing with my wedding dress. I danced. In place. I did a real dance. I had JUST found these teeny tiny spikes and was so excited to use them on  a hat. What better hat than this one!!!?

I had also recently purchased these A-MAZING vintage carnival tickets from Modern Poetry on Etsy. I was clearly meant to make this hat! 

Tiny spikes!!

L's wedding date is October 6th!! Hello Mad Hatter tag! I assure does not stop there. This hat is so full of hidden treasures that it is a FEAST for your eyes from every angle. 

Monochromatic pink stripes, ivory satin, a modern orange calico fabric. Orchids! Lilies! Popcorn! You name it. This hat IS a carnival! 

So much love to Leesie on her wedding week! Thanks for being such an inspiration and trusting me with your headpiece! Hope you love it as much as I do! 

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X's & O's 

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  1. Le sigh? Le Oh My God!

    I'm doing my own little dance-in-place to see the little circus tickets on a Two Back Flats hat!

    From the back of an abandoned pickup truck in a midwestern field to a place of honor on a totally rocking wedding hat--those little bits of paper have had quite a journey! Thanks so much for spotting them, loving them, and giving them an amazing new home.

    And congrats to the happy couple! I'm honored to be a little part of their big day. Hope my blessings travel along with the tickets.



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