Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Large flower headpiece hat headband

Every time I make a new style headpiece, I think its my favorite ever. Can't stop making them. Can't stop looking at them. Can't stop thinking of places to wear them. I dont know. These silk flower headbands may just stay on top for a while. I love every little thing about them. The exaggerated size, the height, the dimensions...all of it! 

Enjoy and shop for the sake of Jesus! 

I wanted the flower to still look like a hat but be easy and flattering for any person in the entire universe; so they are built to be worn on a super thin silver headband. 

They look totally different worn different ways. Oh huge floppy flower. I heart thee. 
This is created with a white silk dupioni and a very light silver satin. 

 LOVE the purple as well. Made with a dusty lavender satin. (Think Julia Roberts a la My Best Friend's Wedding) Grey satin and a dusty mauve silk dupioni. Click any photo for the listing to purchase!)

Anyone else seeing a couture ghost costume?!

I have 67 billion fabrics so if you would like a custom color message me here:

or here:

Photography : Leah Miller
Beauty and Sugar Skull makeup : Maureen Flynn - MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Erica Von Lindenberg - A Second Glance Salon and Jasika Scruggs
Models : Tia Scagliarini, Alicia Ouderkirk and Ashley Ouderkirk 
Headpiece : Two Back Flats 

Xs & Os 

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