Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Mini Hats and Fascinators

From shoes to nails, red has always been my personal favorite accessorizing color.  Its no wonder I use so much of it for my hats. The hatties below are all in stock and RED - y ;) to ship for Valentines Day.

Queen of Hearts hat in red and fuchsia raw silks. I painted these roses red myself. OoooOooo

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Oversized red dupioni silk flower headpiece. This vintage brooch is to die. Click any of the photos for their listings. 

Classic plaid vintage corduroy top hat. Love this so much. 
 Click photo for listing
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p.s. with Free Shipping right now..this little fascinator and the red glitter heart top hat below are practically robbery.


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Annd of course we won't leave out some of Two Back Flats classics. 
Any of these can be custom made to order:

Victorian Carnival Mini Top Hat

Peppermint Pretty - Red and White Pin Stripe 

 Chevron cocktail hat
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If you're obsessed with anything red and retro like yours truly. Come follow the Pinterest board!


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