Friday, January 25, 2013

Wedding Mini Top Hat with Birdcage Veil

I felt like making a hat that was sexy and dramatic but subtle enough to be versatile. Computer screens do not do this shade of purple any justice. It has grey hues like wisteria. 

Gaspppp* The Jill Andrews Gowns studio
Honestly, photos dont do this shit justice either. Mantels and sunlight and soaring ceilings, couture and lace and feathers. And of course Jill, herself!  Ugh. Never ever want to leave.

I swear we didnt even plan my hat and Jill's stunning purple gown. Welcome to my world people. The gown is actually from The brand spankin new Jill Andrews Studio Line. Get fricken excited. Click the photo for more info.

The materials from this hat came from a nice little hoard per usual. The "ombre" peony. Ha. Back in school we use to call that monochromatic. But whatevs. I'll be hip. Grey goose feathers and grey French netting almost became a hundred different things before they found their home on this gal. 

Meow. Magic face: Erica Von Lindberg of A Second Glance Salon. 
Makeup by the gorgeous, wonderful Maureen Flynn of Tom Ford. "I want to make her lips look like she was sucking on a lollipop." Umm ok. Yes. Do THAT. 

Photography by the one, the only, Leah Miller. 

If you like this look and this crew... you must go into the past and check out our Day of The Dead photo shoot. 

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