Friday, January 4, 2013

Wedding Top Hat and Detachable Hair Clip

Versatility at its finest!! I did a detachable hair clip once before a long time ago but I was so stoked to do it again for this gorgeous, brilliant bride! 

An ivory damask mini top hat with ivory satin ribbon and bow.

The lovely bride wanted deep red flowers that she could wear on her hat or separately in her hair for the wedding day...or any other day!!! I chose to hand make the red flowers with shades of red silks and satins. May make this red clip available in my shop! It is even more stunning in person.


And all together now!!!! Oh the beauty. Oh the drama!!! This hat actually also has a detachable birdcage veil that I cannot believe I forgot to photograph. So its really FOUR in one! 
Can't stop. Wont stop.

Three in One Mini Top Hat and Hair Clip by REQUEST ONLY!!! 
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Cheers to a fabulous day darlings!!! 

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