Sunday, July 4, 2010

Utterly Engaged!

Two Back Flats had the absolute honor this week of being featured as a part of the Peppermint Pretty Wedding shoot in Utterly Engaged! Utterly Engaged is the very first online bridal magazine and they took instantly to the 50's look and feel of Jessica Monnich's Carnival inspired theme!

click on image for the spread

Issue O11

I urge all newly engaged bride to be-s to swing by Utterly Engaged, grab a lemonade and check out this spread! I tip MY hat to every bold bride who picks a unique wedding theme! This spread shows that with the right inspiration: any idea is possible! The ladies at UE did an amazing time capturing the essence of this shoot and taking it to the next level! Gorgeous job!

All of the amazing artists and vendors are credited in the spread. From flame throwers to mini top hats it is flawless!

Special Thank You's again to Jessica Monnich Photography, Erin Coleman of Peppermint Pretty and Utterly Engaged for making this all happen!

Love. Love. Love.

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