Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mini Top Hats - The Dupioni Silk Collection

Bonjour jolies! I am very excited and proud to present my latest collection of tiny hats! Inspired by my favorite lady rock star in history - Marie Antoinette. I have always been enamored by the luxury and details of French fashion, decor and pastries.

We can't give Marie all the credit though, Dupioni silks are my most favorite and most inspiring fabrics to touch or simply look at. It makes me want to sew fourteen foot curtains and ball gowns. Like all of my French net for birdcage veils, my silks have been imported from France ensuring complete authenticity and quality.

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Featuring Olive, Tan and Grey Blue Silks offset in gold trims, lush bouquets and vintage brooches. These hats are perfect for brides, tea party throwers and goers or anyone who appreciates the finer things. And lets get real - The finest should go atop your head.

They are being offered at a special introductory price for the Holiday Season only. Please check out my SHOP for purchasing information or click on the images below for listings.

Louis' Envy - Olive green Mini Top Hat

Marie Antoinette - Blue Mini Top Hat

Versailles Wedding - Tan and Gold Mini Top Hat

Profitez! Enjoy!

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