Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mini Top Hats for the Nautical Bride

If you're anything like me, you love the outdoors, namely, any body of water. You think there is no better setting for a wedding than amongst nature. Well, outdoor weddings are no longer limited to bare feet and picnics. (Although, bare feet and picnics are, hands down, 2 of the greatest joys in life.) But, if you want to marry the lavish, natural, and the unique lets start at the top. Your head.

I was inspired by this fabric. Period. This series of nautical prints was my biggest fabric splurge of 2010.

They jumped out at me from across the room. The unexpected shades of gold and blue, the pattern, the depth, the stitching...

I want to thank Tiffany Elizabeth Photography for the striking models and stunning photographs. Another great joy in life is being surprised by amazing photography.

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The blues and golds were so French to me. I wanted to channel Marie Antoinette for "The Voyage" hence the pop of dusty pink and the natural white ostrich plume. This color combination is my all time favorite and was the palette for my wedding.

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This hat stands alone in its more subtle, whimsical tone. I love any bride who is not afraid of gold (or tiny hats). I can also see this as a sister hat for a seriously fashionable bridal party.

I hope you love these as much as I do. They are pure joy! Thanks again to Tiffany Elizabeth. Please go swing by her website. It is full of pretty!


p.s. If you're a true traditional sailor, I've got you covered too:

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  1. Jas!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!! You have such an amazing talent!!! You rock my socks!!! Keep up the great work!!!


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