Monday, May 7, 2012

Bridal Party Hats

I was so inspired to make hats for Michelle and her bridal party. M and her hubby to be are having a bright, funky wedding this May in Tanzania!! 

The inspiration photos for Michelle's hat! Love this teal bridesmaids dress! Love teal. Period. I bet it will be super comfortable to twirl in that! I considered doing the hats in teal, but with all these amazing flowers, you have to go with the color of SUNSHINE. 

The bride's beautiful hat in white damask, ostrich feathers and a bouquet of matching fuchsia flowers. Michelle will also be wearing a Two Back Flats birdcage veil. Cannnnot wait for photos!!!

 Michelle wanted the hats to mimic her awesome clashing bouquets. The flowers are meant to represent tropical Tanzania as well as the bride and groom's hometowns UK and Ireland!

I think it was a SWELL idea. I could not stop staring at these hats once they were complete. Pretty sure we pulled off a funky English vibe. 

And of course, they are customized even further with the hand drawn and crafted Mad Hatter tags featuring their wedding date. Adorable.

Love and light to Michelle and her fiance! We are so excited for you! 

As always, for your own custom hats, please visit our shop on Etsy. 


  1. These are just stunning! You are so talented and creative! Let me know if you ever decide to start selling your pattern. :)

  2. These hats are totally amazing! you do such amazing work.
    Is there any chance that michelle may also want to share where she got those bridesmaids dresses from! I am thinking of a similar design and hats to go with!


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