Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Custom Women's Mini Top Hat by Two Back Flats

Do you guys remember this stylish and sweet face??  Lisa Wu came to me for another custom headpiece for another one of her most important occasions! The February launch party and photo shoot for Wu La La Weddings !!!! (Wu La La - how freaking clever).

 Lisa fell in love with my Royal Ascot Hat from last summer but wanted it customized with her peachy - pink and gold logo colors and name!! A hunt for pantone specific vintage fabric? Mother may I?

Clicking with the women I design for is as important as the fabrics and materials I use. If you want something fun and feminine - call meeeeee.  - Judging from her wedding and this glitter -y shoot - Lisa is brilliant at this as well which is why I know her event coordinating biz is going to be a smashing success. (Im only flattering Lisa so that she'll give me that sequin skirt ;) xo

Thank you Lucy Chang Photography for these gorgeous images!
Please go show Lisa's new venture some love.  Click here for her website or facebook. 

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love - Jasika

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