Monday, February 2, 2015

Steampunk Mad Hatter Mini Top Hat

Hot off the press!!!! Having fun between orders! Had the urge to make a luxe and dramatic Mad Hatter hat but add a touch of Victorian and Steampunk. I took elements from all of our most popular pieces to make this one extra lovable!

Handmade from scratch using a turquoise, brown and silver damask. Ive been using this fabric from the very beginning and its one of our best selling!! I mean.. I can't blame ya. Its freaking perfection. Double trimmed with ivory and rhinestone trim. I created the sash with a strikingly beautiful golden / tan upcycled silk from an evening gown. The sash turns into a stunning oversized bow in the back. Photos do not do this headpiece justice. It is drama and details from every angle.

 I've never done a hat with chains before but I thought the brass with emerald green and turquoise jewels was the absolute perfect pairing for the steampunk vibe. As always, the 10/6 mad hatter tag is hand drawn and crafted to perfection. These tags take almost just as long to create than the entire base!!

Whats a hat without feathers ?? This one boasts a luscious bouquet of several varieties of peacock feathers, pheasant, guinea, saddle and goose feathers. And of course fastened with a vintage brooch.

 I wanted to add as many colors as possible so this could be paired with any outfit. Deep purples from the brooch, greens from the jewels and peacock feathers. Silvers from the fabric. I can see this with anything from a brown, plum or maroon renaissance costume . A riding or military jacket for a stylish tea party or event. The hints of black in the tag and the feathers can even just be matched with an all black outfit. (if you know me - you know thats what I would do ;)

Click on any of the photos to go to the listing in the Etsy shop. Two Back Flats collectors: Obviously this one is couture so get on it! It will go fast!

Peace, love and top hats <3 p="">

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