Monday, November 8, 2010

Mad Hatter Week is HERE!!!!

Happy Monday my fellow lovers of Alice in Wonderland and tiny hats! I am slowly morphing into the Mad Hatter. My customers are the most fearless, colorful, amazing people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Check in this week to see our ideas and visions of the Mad Hatter come together and combust! From Mad Hatter Costumes, Baby Showers and Weddings, I hope to leave you inspired and Mad (in the best way) by the end of the week!

There is no way to kick off the week than with a party! We ALL remember this little nugget of happiness:
Well, meet the lady behind the madness! Adrienne, hailing from Lovely Las Vegas threw the most smashing and tasteful Mad Hatter 30th Birthday extravaganza! She was lucky enough to have her ever talented friend of Bllew Photography capture the fabulous-ness.

You know, you wish you were at this party! Well, here is the next best thing. More photos of the Birthday party and a blog full of eye candy!

If you are looking for a photographer in the San Fransisco area, you don't want to miss contacting Lily!

If you're looking for your own custom Mad Hatter know the drill.

Click on photo for listing

Happy Mad Hatter Week everyone!!

Thanks once again to Lily and Adrienne for creating magic!


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  1. thank YOU jasika for making such a beautiful hat for me! and all your other mad hatter hats are just as lovely. keep on creating! - adrienne


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