Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mad Hatter Hats! And how!

Day 2 of Mad Hatter Week and I am here to tell you : You have all definitely not lost your "muchness"! I was blown away by the massive amounts of madness this Halloween. All of my customers who dressed up as the Mad Hatter this year did so exceptionally and with so much valor!

I wish you could have seen the studio bursting with laces and dates, satins and plaids in every color, feathers in every shape and size. You are ALL MAD and you rock my nation.

My favorite thing of all is creating a hat off of an outfit. While I love a girl who knows exactly what she wants, creating something as I go is how I come up with some of my best hats! Thanks for the faith <3

click on photos to enlarge

While we are on the topic: I want to thank everyone both local and national for making Two Back Flats' first Halloween such a huge success. It truly means the world. Best. Ever.


p.s. Stay tuned tomorrow for the most lovely, lovely, lovely Mad Hatter baby shower ever!

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  1. Wonderful post J!
    Your Mad Hatter Hat added so much muchness to my costume! Amazing quality and I seriously want to dress up like the Mad Hatter every other weekend just to wear the hat :D
    Glad to be a part of your blog



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