Friday, July 27, 2012


Oh these little gum drops. These two tiny confections. Custom made for a SPLENDID (if I may say so myself) baby shower gift. Twin BOY AND GIRL! 

Apparently mamma likes muted tones, anything nautical and is having an Alice in Wonderland themed shower. Seersucker. Duh. 

I can hardly stand these yellow paper flowers. I sort of want an entire hat dripping with them. 

 Every little thing I do is girly girly girly so creating a hat for a baby boy to match was challenging. After trying 36 different things I went to my trusty buttons!! Love the pops of turquoise with the green and yellow.

The gift box!!

Thank you Olga!! You are such a great friend. I can hardly wait for these baby photos!!!! 

As always for your own custom hat message me via my SHOP HERE. 


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  1. Jasika - these are so cute I want to bite them!! Will send pics ASAP!


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