Monday, March 25, 2013

Custom Carnival Birthday Party Hat

There is something about making a hat for a five year old that overwhelms me with confusion and elation. The decisions! The choices! The possibilities! They're endless and I'm convinced its going to leave the studio trailing glitter with a mustache and a feather boa. 


I may have to step away more times than usual, but I think I always wind up with a balance of 
happy and classic.

 Popcorn and Jelly Bellys. #Thisisnotadream.


This was Connie's second custom piece from me which melts my heart and all.. but on top of it... this lady is cool. And it sounds like Olivia is too. "She loves all colors. The crazier the better I think". The solution = colorful polka dot lining. 

Mismatched patterns = always in style

The lineup if you're inspired to make some stuff mad:

Orange Calico Canvas
                                                              Bright Polka Dot Cotton
Yellow and White Stripe Satin 
Orange Argyle

 She even looked pretty as I was packaging her to ship. 

#TwoBackFlats #Represent

 Happy almost birthday to Olivia! Bet your carnival party is going to be a SMASH! And thank you Connie for being an excellent gift giver and for this fun, fresh project. My birthday is June 24th.

As always for your own custom piece, message me on the ol' Facebook or Etsy

Love. love. love. 

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