Thursday, February 14, 2013

Eat your heart out Marie Antoinette

For you this Valentines day my lovers: Every girl's true fantasy. A real life dress up party. Alice in Wonderland meets Marie Antoinette meets East Coast bad assery.

One day, I swear I will plan something in advance but until then, you can understand how my procrastination is not dire. I shit you not, we pulled off this shoot in one week. When you have so many bougie bitches on speed dial, this is just another Sunday afternoon... ;)

My first muse Tia Darling sporting, oh so naturally, this French blue Marie Antoinette inspired mini tricorn hat and a necklace she is too humble to tell you she made herself.


These pink champagne coupes are not a dream. They are real. And they our mine. Well, really their ours. Another Tia & Jas thrifting escapade find!

Are you sitting down?? Well GET UP because Nina in this mini hat and Jill Andrews Gown is already one of the best moments of 2013.

 A little authentic Victorian goggle action courtesy of House of Jill. 
Jill has the most awesome assortment of the finest, classical, ton notch vintage shit you've ever seen.

Like these vintage clothing labels from Baltimore designers and department stores. Lord have mercy. #gimme

 The hauntingly beautiful Erica Von Lindenberg who I am so unbelievably lucky lends me her head for my hats. 

 And of course me! Bougie bitch numero uno feeling all glam with that red silk hair flower and this A-MAZING collar made entirely of real rose petals!! Its true!!!

And the lady herself behind these DIVINE live rose petal collars. Amanda Veronee of Anthomanic. This girl is unstoppable. Her work is straight out of a dream with its weepy, sultry, romantic vibe.

These colorssss!!! Le sigh*

Paired with the turquoise skirt surrounded by a myriad of vintage busts. Dream within a dream.

And red heart balloons :)

Did I mention this all came together in a week like real life MAGIC?! The purple flowers, the deep plum gown, that wysteria top hat. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Yes, atop that pink and gold flawlessly ruffled cake sits a pink mini tricorn hat with a tiny bird, Sailboats, pink ostrich plumes and a teeeny tiny vintage crown for aforementioned tiny bird.

Nina, Tia, Jasika, Amanda & Erica

Thank you to the group of women who rallied to pull this together so seamlessly. This level of fabulousity could not be achieved without each of you:

Hats. Headpieces : Two Back Flats 
Flowers: Anthomanic
Gowns . Location: Jill Andrews Gowns 
Makeup : Maureen Flynn - Tom Ford 
Hair : Erica Von Lindenberg - A Second Glance Salon 
Pink Ruffle Cake: Fat Girl Cakes 



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