Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plorkology Mini Book Hat

 Play + Work = Plork . Hey. We totally believe in this around here. I have the delight of knowing one of University of Baltimore's Plorkology project leads, Meredith Purvis, who is as whimsical as she is smart and talented.

Leading a group of literary students to produce a collection of writing from start to finish from editing to book binding. Holy crap. That is brilliant. We love you already Plorkology.  Do yourself a favor and click that link.

"Meredith says it will be OK to fold a whole signature–eight pages–at once. This will cut our labor dramatically. Since the pages of the signature are going to be living together, they might as well be folded together, she adds. I think: the pages are alive, they’re like couples spooning, or hippies in a commune."  Sylvia Fischbach - Braden

Will I create a hat using MINI 1x2 versions of the anthology?!? Mother, may I?! Needless to say I was ecstatic to make this hat for the launch party tonight. I like all of my hats to tell a story through their found fabrics and trimmings and this one tells many.

 I know how much we all appreciate teeny tiny things but you can click THIS link for info on how to buy the "life-size" Plorkology.

 For my Baltimore locals - Check out the Facebook invite for the Reading and Party tonight.

And as always message me in my SHOP or on Facebook for your own custom headpiece.

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