Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Poe Collection

Well, darlings... you know there are few things I love more in life than a photoshoot. An Edgar Allan Poe Collection has always been on my mind as a Baltimorean but doing it justice is a different story. Black and white with pops of red. Of course. Its been right in front of me all along.

Love the smell of hairspray in the morning. ;) Hair and Makeup by Ari and Carrie.
This crew came together like a dream. A perfectly dark and beautiful dream.

And Birthday treats for my favorite face, the beautiful and lovely, Erica Von Lindendberg

I love when I can tell someone absolutely loves what they do. Ari Lewis - you are magic. She's not just doing your makeup flawlessly, she's having a bloody ball. And thats what this ish is all about. All the while rocking a Two Back Flats' headpiece. Love to love you.

Thank you endlessly to the kind and creative Beth T Photography for showing up and capturing 
the day like a boss.

Click on any hat photo for its listing in my shop

This spider is glittery and I love how she's so crawly.  I know. Try to contain yourself. 

At last! After years of requests, a plain black mini top hat in my shop. Its re-purposed black velvet in true Two Back Flats fashion. Enjoy. 

I know how desperately jealous you are of this set. Thank you to Travis Scagliarini for these ever so carefully crafted branches I'm never taking down.

These red fascinators are available as a set. Click photo:


Glitter Bat and Leather fascinator. Not a dream. 

IT'S A WRAP!! We had a pillow fight right after this. I promise.

If you're smart you'll click these links and call these girls for photography, hair, makeup and general coolness. What a freakin' crew!

Hats and Headpieces by Two Back Flats 
Photography : Beth T Photography 
Hair by Carrie : http://www.ariellewis.com/
Makeup by Ari : http://www.ariellewis.com/
Model : Erica Von Lindenberg
Set : Jasika Sebkarshad . Travis Scagliarini

9 days til Halloween.

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