Monday, April 25, 2011

"Not too shabby" Boudoir Shoot

Photos from the mini hat boudoir extravaganza have arrived!!! We've had a trying week here at Two Back Flats so you can imagine how thrilled I was ripping open this envelope...

Alana and I met in college while we were studying Visual Communications and Design and I cannot be more thankful that she still rocks her graphic design magic through Vanity's Edge. In addition to being a smashing photographer, I go ga ga over Alana's feminine, sultry style.

My last minute decision to be a part of A's Shabby Chic inspired boudoir shoot was the best decision I've made in a while. I'm almost thankful I didn't have tons of time to psych myself out. I tend to do that ;) The morning of the shoot, I had to stop myself from chewing off my nails.

Not only did I have zero to be worried about but I had a blasssst with Alana. Being decked out in hats and surrounded by her breezy, romantic set was only half of it. We did not stop laughing the entire day.

Enjoy the following husband approved photos from the shoot! ;)

Remember this hat? Only one will be available verrry soon in my Etsy shop for your summer tea parties...

Any chance to wear these shoes is a chance I'm taking...

This bad ass vintage hat box came from where most of my most cherished vintage finds come from (including my wedding band :)

8227 Main Street
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Though our original "Tea Party Hat" has retired. One rogue petite size is left for one tiny lady...

**Yes, Renn-Festers ... The hat above is a mini tricorn hat. Get excited**

X's & O's
Hair and Makeup:
April Kenney
Cheveux Studio . Bel Air, MD

Vanity's Edge Design

p.s. Click HERE if you missed Vanity's Edge Valentine Pin Up Shoot!

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