Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh the Madness!

Just when you thought you were the maddest, the owner of this mini top hat will come along and do something like serve you coffee instead of tea. Shannon was incredible to work with. "If you're gonna go Mad Hatter, go Mad Hatter, right?" Music to my ears....

Created from scratch using gorgeous hot pink and turquoise satins. Trimmed OUT in antique gold and amber trims, colorful foam and paper flowers, peekaboo gold damask fabrics, a pocket full of curled peacock feathers! Oh my!

Every single Mad Hatter tag is hand drawn and crafted with ridiculous amounts of awesome detailing..

I picked this vintage pin up from a Flea in Fells Point last summer. Im not entirely sure when it is from but it screams 50's to me with the painted metals and rhinestone bird eyes. Ooooo. I have been saving it until I found its perfect fit and Shannon was the one!!

As always... to have your own custom mad hatter hat made - message me in my Etsy shop

Have a Mad Monday in the best of ways!


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