Thursday, April 7, 2011

Steamy Punks

I must confess - I'm a little new to the phenomenon that is Steampunk. Although , who doesnt love time travel and the Victorian era? Lacy and Brandon did it up right along with their awesomely talented photographer Daniel Stark. (Seriously, click the link. I was drawn into his wedding photography immediately.)

Lacy chose the ever classic Victorian Carnival Mini Top Hat for her blood red and black wedding! Perfect!

I'm finicky with the color red. Even as a kid, I refused to wear red, color in red or...well thats all you do as a kid, right? Wear clothes and color? . It has to be justtt the right shade for me to love it. Hands down, Lacy pulled it off with these bridal party dresses. And...How much do you love those jet black feather bouquets?? This looks like a party I would like to go to.

Cherry on Top: There are few things that make me as giddy as seeing one of my brides and one of my hats on Rock n Roll Bride! Congrats Lacy and Brandon! Check out more photos HERE!


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